Term 4 – Week 8

Swimming has commenced. Please ensure you have paid your child’s fees. It is a cost of $5.00 per day. You can pay each day or multiple days at once. Students need to bring their bathers and towels to school. Googles and thongs are optional. Please do refrain from asking the students to buy recess and … More Term 4 – Week 8

Term 4 – Week 3

Halloween Disco Evening What a fantastic event for the community at R.P.S. Well done to Patsy and all the staff that created the lovely event for the students. Room 12 loved, enjoyed, adored and were thankful for the disco. Balloon Cars The Room 12 Balloon Car Comp is well under way. With Bailey, Maddie and … More Term 4 – Week 3

Term 4 – Week 2

Week 2, was fast paced and involved a lot of activities. QPT ladies were busy preparing and represented the school on Friday, in a wonderful display of effort and talent. Well done girls. Skipping – Kiannah Lee and Amber Dancing – Lartrika Play – Amber Halloween prep in Room 12. We started designing our recycled … More Term 4 – Week 2

Term 4 – Week 1

Week 1 went very quickly, here is a snap shot of our busy week: We are loving our new banking system. We purchased 1 free 30 minute periods from Mrs Fiocco. We decided to spend sometime in the sand pit and some inside watching, “Everyones Hero”. What a fantastic reward. We actually saved over $345.60, … More Term 4 – Week 1

Term 3 – Week 9

Money, money and more money.  Week 9 was all about currency and math. We started playing some cool activities and using money rewards for next term is the plan. Not real money of course, but real math and real counting with our, ‘fake class currency’. Bailey brought in some currency from overseas and William found … More Term 3 – Week 9

Term 3 – Week 8

Week 8, wait a second. Are you sure? How can we be in week 8 already? Week 8 flew by. Our measurement activities were fun and this week we will consolidate the lessons with a few tests. We started looking at currency. A few weeks ago, we discussed that in Japan, citizens use Japanese Yen. … More Term 3 – Week 8

Term 3 – Week 7

What a busy few weeks, we are a few weeks behind in our posts. We have made some wonderful progress with our oral reading. Miss Wear has been conducting oral tests on sight words. Most of the class has improved from the tests ran by Miss Allen in Feb this year. Well done, it is … More Term 3 – Week 7